t! magazine photo shoot

t! Magazine Spring Photo Shoot from Kate Bro. on Vimeo.

Last weekend t! Magazine were kind enough to invite me to their spring 2014 photo shoot, for the next issue, 'Happiness'. 

There was lots of light adjusting/ outfit adjusting/ make up adjusting/ prop adjusting, and so many camera shutter clicks and flashes I was left slightly disorientated as well as exhausted with post-excitement-fever for the rest of the evening. 
In fact, I could bore you for hours with photos and writing about how fun it was, but I made a little clip with some footage I took back stage instead.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 
So this is the value of like a thousand to the power of a thousand words, right?
Or does it not work like that... 

Enjoy the video and have a super duper trooper Wednesday evening.


Eleanor said...

looove seeing behind the scenes - it must have been such a great experience!! :)

darcey said...

This looks like so much fun! Such a cool experience xxx


Claire L. said...

Wow, it's always interesting to watch the behind the scene video! Very cool :)))

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xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

Elena sen said...

Lovely meeting you at the shoot :) love the blog !

DeVs said...