A game a like to play in the fabric store is who can find the ugliest fabric.

This vinyl tan faux snakeskin material won hands down. Ew. My sister pointed out that it's the kind of fabric that is reserved for only Miley Cyrus' stage costumes/undergarments, but for only a few pennies I challenged myself to make something slightly more wearable and slightly less...eyebrow raising.
The product is this asymmetrical, wrappy-flappy, yes that's a technical term, skirt.

It may be my naive perceptions and limited exposure to the fashion industry, but I often feel as though fashion is as much about the concept of finding something hideous and making desirable (see the illustrious Moschino F2014 collection under the reign of Jeremy Scott) as it is about anything else.
 Or maybe it's just the way the industry aims to feed a culture obsessed with constantly attaining something new, something exciting, something shocking.



Caroline said...

I really love your skirt !


HighlandFling said...

This is amazing. Did you make up the pattern or did you use an actual one? I demand a DIY for this beauty please!

And Miley would not wear it- it's too classy and covers to much skin, while still being skin

Emma x

Yuen Lim said...

Omg, I love these kinds of skirts! Tutorial pleaseeeeee!

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

Eleanor said...

finding the ugliest fabric is one thing, turning it into something this beautiful is another!! i love it! :)

hannah said...

You've made this fabric into something totally classy and amazing - far too classy for Miley! I love the shape of this skirt, clever lady. xxx

Purple Ivy said...

I agree with Emma, too modest for Miley. I love the game and you made something beautiful out of an "ugly fabric". Well done.

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Alexandra i said...

very nice skirt!
I very like it!

Anna Proffitt said...

Love this skirt - still so undecised about vinyl...


Jill S said...

I really love it ! I would buy it and I'm not even a Miley fan :P Definitely should sew more :) great

x J.

Jia Achacruz said...

I don`t see any ugly in this at all! Very lovely and I believe it goes well with anything <3

Followed you on Bloglovin, btw!


Becky Fearn said...

hahaha your post made me laugh! I totally agree about the nature of the fashion industry with this! You've made such a gorgeous piece though, i really do love it!


B xx

Mariana said...

omg! the skirt is gorgeous!! I love it :))