There is nothing better than simplicity. Clean colours, clean lines, clean structures.

I actually used to shy away from faux leather as a clothing fabric, always thinking it far too 'sexy'.
But recently it dawned on me that I cannot possibly think of anything as unsexy as wearing fake cow skin.

Having said that, it's a little nightmare to sew with, so this will probably be the last leather garment I make for a while...

Have a fab Sunday



A game a like to play in the fabric store is who can find the ugliest fabric.

This vinyl tan faux snakeskin material won hands down. Ew. My sister pointed out that it's the kind of fabric that is reserved for only Miley Cyrus' stage costumes/undergarments, but for only a few pennies I challenged myself to make something slightly more wearable and slightly less...eyebrow raising.
The product is this asymmetrical, wrappy-flappy, yes that's a technical term, skirt.

It may be my naive perceptions and limited exposure to the fashion industry, but I often feel as though fashion is as much about the concept of finding something hideous and making desirable (see the illustrious Moschino F2014 collection under the reign of Jeremy Scott) as it is about anything else.
 Or maybe it's just the way the industry aims to feed a culture obsessed with constantly attaining something new, something exciting, something shocking.



t! magazine photo shoot

t! Magazine Spring Photo Shoot from Kate Bro. on Vimeo.

Last weekend t! Magazine were kind enough to invite me to their spring 2014 photo shoot, for the next issue, 'Happiness'. 

There was lots of light adjusting/ outfit adjusting/ make up adjusting/ prop adjusting, and so many camera shutter clicks and flashes I was left slightly disorientated as well as exhausted with post-excitement-fever for the rest of the evening. 
In fact, I could bore you for hours with photos and writing about how fun it was, but I made a little clip with some footage I took back stage instead.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 
So this is the value of like a thousand to the power of a thousand words, right?
Or does it not work like that... 

Enjoy the video and have a super duper trooper Wednesday evening.



ph/ tumblr

Like every other cliched teenaged girl I constantly dream of the future and having a small overpriced apartment on the skyline of a bustling city. White walls and huge windows and dark wooden floorboards and a hundred pot plants and a shrubbery garden on the roof and just a mattress on the floor and alphabetised bookshelves and a colour-coded closet and a small furry creature to share it with. 


two birds one stone

My mother and I are opposites.
She ruthlessly disposes of any items which are not of any worth or use, while I sentimentally store away everything from ancient birthdays cards to clothes labels, just incase I suddenly need them in the future. Almost every item of clothing from her past has been long since discarded, leaving me pouring over rare photo albums, after jackets, jumpers, her wedding dress, and various other items which were cut before I had the opportunity to inherit them.

You can imagine, then, my excitement at finding something that had survived; tucked away in a far-forgotten corner of the attic was this tartan treasure.

My Grandma's floorlength-intended kilt hit an awkward mid-calf length on me, so I chopped fifteen inches off the bottom to make it into a scarf and mini skirt.

Two new thingy-ma-bobs for nothing - score.
Side effect= I'm very pleased with myself. 


maxi & mini

diy pouch | made in a similiar way to this tutorial 

Mummy pouch and baby pouch make the perfect practical combination.

And black leather is just...yum. 



The picture is actually the lyrics of Daughter's new album type-written to the shape of a profile. 

A new year, a new pot plant. 

2014's resolution: to actually keep this orchid alive until the next arbitrary beginning of a new orbital period.