what is fashion?

   fash·ion [fash-uhn]
      a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour

It seems somewhat strange that an industry worth £21bn a year to this country alone can be defined in just twelve words. 

The monotonous manner in which people swarm over the latest trends like there is no tomorrow can’t help but make me wonder: is that all it really is, a limited fascination with this pair of ankle boots, or that slogan T-shirt that will duly be worn to death until the birth of the next disposable craze?

If not, what really is fashion? It’s a question that every blogger or self-confessed fashionista is asked at some point. The subject itself frequently generates an immediate babble of overstated language as the answerer struggles to articulate just how important a role fashion plays within their life, and cue the clichéd declarations of  “fashion is what I live for” and “it’s just not what you wear, it’s how you wear it”, etc.  

I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion-fanatic, but sure, I do like clothes. I like the soft ripples of silk, and the smell of buttery leather. I like to pour over the skilful tailoring or the delicate drapery of the dresses as they glide down the runway. I like the bearing of a new pair of shoes and the comfort of my oldest, most worn jeans, which familiarly slip on, whispering "hello, old friend". 

But what I really, really like about fashion is how it makes me feel. Or more specifically, who. 

Because some days I can be Cher Horowitz in a tartan skirt, or Marty McFly in an orange body warmer; I can be a Spice Girl in a crop top and high ponytail, or Cinderella in a satin gown. The volatile nature of the changing trends is what I hate, and love, about fashion. It's a cult of buying, wearing and discarding over and over, but it’s always evolving. Always exciting. Always seeing into the future and delving back into the past.

For me, what is fashion? Fashion is a form of escapism, a way to be alive through a thousand different times and characters whilst keeping my feet firmly on 21st century English ground. It’s a constantly adapting bridge that has been woven and stitched to connect the abstract and the tangible. It can be an art form, a mask or a safety blanket. Fashion is whatever you want it to be.

So, what does fashion mean to you? 



  1. To me fashion means that I try to show people whats on my inside and it's the best way to express myself! It's fun and it connects :) <3

  2. To me fashion means that I try to show people whats on my inside and it's the best way to express myself! It's fun and it connects :) <3

  3. This is such a great post girl! I love it [:
    Fashion definitely defines us personally, and I love this aspect of it! [:
    Your blog is soo adorable <3


  4. First of all, can I say that I adore your writing. And also I haven't really examined fashion as such. Fashion is well fun, I simply adore dressing up and seeing how fashion evolves over the years.

  5. You said this perfectly. I think of fashion more as being experimental with your personality and allowing people to see that. It's about liking what you look like, and not necessarily knowing every fact about Prada's newest collection.


  6. fashion to me is being able to express your deepest feelings and thoughts that are sometimes difficult to convey in words. loving your blog. it's ace. followed xxx


  7. This post of your is truly inspiring.
    you swept me with your words eventho I don't know you as a person, but I'm moved by this topic.
    Truly inspiring loves.
    Keep posting things like these.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I just followed your lovely blog, and hope we do keep in touch!

    much loves!
    xoxo, Jules
    ♥Come Visit My Blog♥

  8. wow great post! i too can't described it with words! but maybe fashion is styling yourself from inside and be who you are. :)


  9. This leaves me questioning myself too! For me fashion is all about wearing what makes you comfortable and making it something you, and something unique. Fashion is when you feel beautiful and fashion is never about how much it costs but how you wear them and how you carry yourself. Fashion is when people respect you.

    I love your blog so much!!



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