before & after: granny dress

I love nothing more than getting something for nothing. 

On a muggy early-summer morning I made my way to London and, feeling particularly brave that day, found myself navigating the mountains of secondhand clothes in the East End Thrift Store. Their pay-per-bagfull policy means that after some persistent rummaging and tactical folding you can walk away with some absolute bargs. 

As I wandered from the denim section over to the till, some peacock-like fabric caught my eye. I held the dress up against myself. It was disgusting, yes, but it seemed like a waste, when there was just enough room in my bag to squeeze in another item, to leave it sitting sadly atop a pile of rejected leotards. So I squirrelled it amongst my other findings and proceeded to the cashiers, without the faintest idea of what to do with it. 

When I got home I savagely chopped out the shoulder pads and snipped off the arms, raised the waistline and discarded the tacky gold buttons. 
It's still disgusting, but maybe a little less than before. 
It's just fun to see what a little ole' DIYing can do. 

Oh well, I'll just give it to my sister. 


  1. I haven't thought of raising the waistline, is it easy to do? It's definitely given it a new lease of life xx


    1. Pretty easy, yeah. I was thinking of doing a little series on easy DIYs so keep ya eyes peeled. Thanks for reaching out! x

  2. You definately given it a spark hun! Such a good DIY urhg I might thrifting i reckon I need to back into it! & thank you so much for the beaut comment you left on my blog chicka! xo


  3. love this gal! looks so trendy and wearable now x


  4. I think it is super cute. It's amazing how different it looks without sleeves and with a higher waist. You have a great eye, I wouldn't have known what to do with it...

    I think I NEED to see your other purchases as well please.

    Em x

  5. Found it really helpful, thanks for sharing!


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