everything must go

Designer, illustrator (and general master of all creative fields) Alex Noble is up to his old tricks again. 
This time, they take the form of a brand-spanking new and uber cool ethical fashion initiative by the name of Everything Must Go (EMG).

The appropriately named label is pioneering a new means of ethical and sustainable fashion, sneaking the leftovers of many high end brands, and whipping them up into scrumptiously inventive garments.
Not only is EMG injecting a new lease of life into would-be obsolete scraps, but all the proceeds are set to go to charity. Oh yeah, they also look pretty-frickin-awesome. Win, win, win.

The exposition of Cycle 1, the first phase of the project, is just around the corner and excitement is swelling for what EMG has to offer: this stage will consist of Salvage T's, featuring a medley of cut-offs from many a big name (Giles Deacon, Zandra Roades and Louise Gray to list a few). 
The funds from this cycle are being donated to TRAID and Childhope to support the amazing work they do in Bangladesh.

So, if you're keen to back EMG and get your hands of one of their Salvage Ts, tag along to their pop up shop at:
 1 Silver Place
Which will be open from 25th July for 10 days. 
And if you're not London-based, never fear - you will also be able to find them on their website


Pretty cool, huh?


  1. This is a really interesting idea! I bet they'll be really expensive though :/

    1. Haha probably! I think you get what you pay for though - think of it like an investment into a moral and sustainable enterprise. Thanks for the comment! -Kate x


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