one more sleep

It's one more sleep til' Christmas and i'm once again in the annual predicament of being torn between lovingly cradling a rotund food-baby and wanting to dance (in the crazy way which is only acceptable in the festive season) to all the xmas classics. 
I was half way through a rendition of one of Michael Buble's finest when I had to call for a timeout. Mariah Carey will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I'm currently feeling very sheepish as I sit here, writing for what is supposably a 'style' blog, in the oddest assortment of attire. Sadly there are no red vinyl sexy-santa suits in sight (only the Plastics can get away with that one...), but at a close second I am sporting a gorgeous pair of fluffy, sparkling reindeer antlers. So fetch. 

I just wanted to wish a gloriously glittering 
to all the wonderful, beautiful yous out there.
And to say a huge thank you for everyone who leaves these lovely comments which are like delicious sweeties for my soul, or stops by every so often to read.
Because you make me so very happy.

I wish I could kiss each and every one of you on the forehead.
But a cyber-kiss will have to do for now, so:


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  1. merry christmas to you too!! :)


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