white walls

I'm taking snaps of only this corner of my bedroom because the other part of it is littered and lined with pens and pencils, highlighter sets, colour coded folders and files and stacks of lined paper, with my will to live lying close by on the carpet.
Yesterday I started sixth form and it was actually ok, although my attitude towards school at the beginning of the year often changes once the brand-new stationary high wares off.

The bed side table was a little DIY project I did over the summer. I bought it for a couple o' quid at a second hand furniture warehouse and stripped and repainted it, and then spotted exactly the same thing being sold for £75 in the Old Spitalfields Market in London. 
*celebratory air-fist pump*

And to anyone out there who reads this here little bloggie, I'm also sorry for being the world's most unreliable blogger. I promise, I've got some more very exciting, fashion-y related things coming up for you soon so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. It looks lovely! White walls add such a modern, clean feeling to a room, I'd love to have an apartment with exposed brick, white walls and wooden floors one day! xx

  2. Yayy I have white walls too I love them I feel like theyre so chic aha and omg how amazing your got that table for only a few quid the detailing is gorgeous!I just love a good homeware Diy omg if you wanna see some insparation for diy home stuff you should watch Mr Kate on youtube shes literally the bomb.com she gets like dusty chairs and tablea that she finds sometimes from the side of the road and makes then look amazing! Great post xo
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  3. I love how that part of your room looks! and that bed side table turned out great! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

  4. White decor is always so uplifting; you can't wake up in a white, bright room and be sad. Haha, and yes, the stationery high is the best part!

  5. Your room is so pretty, and so good that you managed to get the bedside table cheap and repainted it, it looks really nice! I wish my room looked like this!


  6. I love your room! sometimes I try to go for a minimal look in my room too, but sometimes the mess gets the better of me! x


  7. I wish my room looked this sophisticated. I really like the lights on your bed frame!

  8. I love how this part of your room looks, adore the bed side table. I'm a massive fan of white on bedrooms - I think it just gives it a modern yet sophisticated touch. X

    Love, Amy.

  9. The bedside table is so well-done! I'm impressed. Love glimpses into people's special spaces. I love how cozy and minimal yours is!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  10. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:

  11. Ahh just scrolled through your blog, and I'm in love! I've been meaning to do something like that to my bedside table, this just gave me that extra nudge. New follower on bloglovin' btw x.


  12. Your DIY bedside table is lovely!! Great job on it's reinvention. It looks great!
    Your room is so beautiful and CLEAN looking, mine looks like a homeless ladies trolly.

    Emma x

  13. Such a pretty corner, it's strange how we always have a favourite part of our room haha. Totally agree on the new stationary high thing, I'm a primary school teacher and the first week is great then it tails off! xo


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