DIY denim pouch

Fancy making one yourself?

What you'll need:
- Yo momma's old jeans 
- A zip
- Matching Thread
- Scissors
- Pins
- A Sewing Machine

1. Cut out a rectangle from each leg - the width of rectangle should be about the same as the length of your zip
i think it looks pretty sweet if the outside seam is down the middle, just sayin'

2. Sew the zipper onto the top side of one of your rectangles, with the right side of the denim facing up and the right side of the zipper facing down

3. Sew the other rectangle onto the zipper in the same way

^ It should look like this when you flip it over, with the raw edges inside

4. Keep the clutch inside-out and sew around the remaining three sides

5. Turn it the right way out

...and utilise to your hearts content

*you could line it with another fabric if you are less lazy than I.


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! this is really interesting btw!! I'll try it out soon ^^ Thanks for posting it

  2. I love this DIY, so lovely and simple! x


  3. this is so clever! love your style and blog hun, followed you on gfc and bloglovin :) xx


  4. Very impressed with this DIY! So clever :)


  5. I love DIY's and sewing posts. I may try this in the summer but with some random material as I have no old jeans.


  6. I love DIY projects so much! This clutch is too good, I'm a little scared to try it because I don't think mine would turn out as good as yours.


  7. Lovely !

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  8. this is so rad! Thanks so much, I'll be getting on to this!!


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