Tutorial | Velvet Skirt

Simple Velvet Skirt
As promised...

Here's what I used:
- Navy Velvet Fabric (about 1.5m/0.5m
- Matching Thread
- 1 cm wide elastic
- Sewing Machine (or you could hand stitch it)
- Pins

1. Fold the fabric width-ways with the rights sides of the velvet facing together

2. Pin and sew the edges together. When you've done this you should have a really wide cylinder of fabric: the skirt.

3. Hem the top and the bottom of the skirt by folding the edge over twice, pinning and stitching. Make sure the top hem is just slightly wider than the width of your elastic. 

4. Undo 1cm or so of the stitching on the seam at the hem you're going to have at the top of the skirt.

5. Cut your elastic the right length to go around you waist (I used 10% less than the measurement of my waist, and then added a little for the overlap).

6. Fix a safety pin to the end of your elastic and start threading it through the hole you've just made in the waist band. Make sure you keep hold of the end so it doesn't get lost in the skirt! 

7. When you have threaded the elastic all the way through, secure it.

8. Overlap and stitch the ends of the elastic, and then stretch the waist band so all the elastic goes back into the hole

9. Now you can hand stitch the hole in the waist band back together, and you're finished!



  1. Love this! You make it look so easy

    Xo, Rachel


  2. this is really fab! i want one!!

    love your blog (: would you like to follow each other?

    also ive got a new giveaway on my blog at the mo (:



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